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Kabayan Movers (Movem Canada Inc.) is looking for on-call moving helpers living in North York (Toronto) or nearby towns and cities. No moving experience required, but having a moving job experience in the Filipino community is a plus factor. Able to speak tagalog or Filipino is also a big plus factor.


We pay our helpers hourly basis. For small moves we pay minimum of 3 hours, for regular size moves we pay minimum of 5 hours and for big moves we pay a minimum of 8 hours.  Tips (or gratuity) are split equally between movers. We provide free pickup and drop-off service to our moving helpers.


Important: This is not a regular full-time nor a part-time job offer. This is an on-call only job opportunity. Meaning, once hired we will call you if there is a moving job available and if you are available we will assign you that one particular moving job. A moving job could take 3 to 12 hours depending on the client's request.


If interested please apply by emailing us a simple resume or information about yourself and some physical labour work experience. Our email address is We will contact you to discuss.

All emails sent to this address other than job applications will be marked as spam and will be discarded.


Thank you for checking us.

Kabayan Movers